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i can't get over you

Title: I Can't Get Over You
Fandom: Lost
Summary: Even after Boone's tragic death, Shannon can't seem to let go of him.
Main Characters: Shannon, Boone
Genre: Songfic
Pairing: Implications of Shannon/Boone
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 451 words
Disclaimer: I don't own Shannon, Boone, Bryan, or the island on which the show takes place. Sadly. Those belong to J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Jeffery Lieber, and all the other writers, producers, and creators of Lost. I'm making no money off of this measly ficlet. Also, the song "I Can't Get Over You" belongs to Julie Miller.
Author's Note: My second-ever Lost ficlet! It's not as good as my HP ones, but what can I say? I find it more difficult to get inside the head of a television character...

I've been trying for a long, long time
But no matter what I do
When I turn to leave, my heart stays behind
'Cause I can't get over you

I keep movin' on, running hard and fast
But everywhere that I run to
I'm just standing still, livin' in the past
'Cause I can't get over you

If memories were like leaves that fall
The wind would have carried them from my mind
The season pass, but they never change
A broken heart can't keep time

If memories were like leaves that fall
The wind would have carried them from my mind
The seasons pass, but they never change
A broken heart can't keep time

While I watched as colours faded in the sun
The colour of my love stays true
I've been letting go now, but I'm not holdin' on
I just can't get over you
I just can't get over you.

--I Can't Get Over You, J. Miller

She ran her fingers along his body carefully. She bit her lip to hold back the tears that were welling up in her eyes. Shannon moved her fingers to Boone's face, cradling his jaw line in her palm.

Shannon had been by Boone's dead body for hours. The longer she stayed, the harder it was for her leave. Finally, she stood.

She turned and walked slowly back to the beach. She crossed her arms across her chest to try to stop herself shaking.

Too long had she been trying to get over Boone. Too long had she been trying to forget. But even though Boone was dead, she still couldn't. Shannon knew her heart was going to with Boone, knew it would stay with him long after they buried him.

She remembered Bryan, the man she'd seen in Sydney. She recalled those loveless nights when she'd had sex with him. It made her mouth dry and her nose scrunch up just thinking about it.

Boone had thought Shannon had seen Bryan to get back at him for something she didn't even know about. The truth was that she slept with all of those men to get over him, to put an end to their relationship. But it had never truly worked, because on the nights she did have sex with them, all she thought about was Boone.

Shannon walked out of the jungle and onto the beach, letting the hot sand run up over her toes. She stopped and stared out at the ocean. The night she'd shared with Boone in Sydney seemed years away now.

She turned and looked at the trees behind. A single old, dead leaf floated from the treetop and landed in Shannon's palm. She looked at it for just a few seconds before a breeze came and lifted it away, higher and higher until she could no longer see it.

How she longed to let her thoughts float away on that leaf! Her memories and feelings for Boone would just disappear, leaving her free to love and for care for Sayid the way she wished to.

Shannon's feet carried her toward the water. The sun was setting now, making the water by the horizon ripple with many different colours. She let the cool water lap up over her toes.

The reds, pinks, and oranges of the sunset called to her. She longed to ride off into that sunset, longed for the rays of the golden sun to warm her cold heart.

The sun was nearly gone from the horizon now. As she stared into it, she saw Boone's face smiling at her. A single tear slid down her soft cheek.

"I just can't get over you."
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